April 2015

April 2015

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50 Years of Nest Monitoring

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50 Years of Nest Monitoring

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  1. Lynne Jamison says:

    Hi – I’m a Feederwatch participant and wanted to see some of the other things you offer. Thanks for a site to share what we see. The eagles are nesting on the Susquehanna again this year – last year, they didn’t , so it’s very nice to see them back on their nest this year. With any luck, I’ll get some pictures of the kids again this year. Thank You!

  2. Gregg Kawczynski says:

    May 23, 2015, I spotted a male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak at Zip Code 90807, Long Beach, CA

  3. David Luhere says:

    March 1984 I saw a cardinal in Ukraine. It was Tuesday.

  4. Jon Crouch says:

    I have participated in NestWatch and wanted to share an experience from a few years ago.
    I went out to check a Mourning Dove nest one day, and when I got close to the nest an American Robin started scolding me. I knew I must have been close to its nest, so I tried to find it but could not. However, next time I went to check the dove nest, the dove was on the nest, and the robin was sitting on the branch beside the nest. When I looked into the nest, to my surprise, there were two dove eggs and one robin egg in the same nest! I had never heard of birds of two species using one nest. It appeared that the dove had built its stick platform nest and the robin had built a mud-and-grass nest on top. Unfortunately, the robin egg never hatched, and the dove chicks hatched but died later when apparently the nest was abandoned. As I have seen, you can learn many things by participating in NestWatch. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

  5. Brahim says:

    thanks it is a great job what you do

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