July 2014

Interactive July 15, 2014

Beat the Beats

North American Hummingbirds average 53 beats per second in normal flight! Can your fingers keep up? Click “start” below and, on go, click in the box below for 5 seconds to compare your finger speed to a hummingbirds!

Click anywhere in this box on go!

beats per second average
beats per second average

Wingspan and Wingbeats

Hummingbird wingspans range from the tiny Bee Hummingbird which lives in Cuba to the Giant Hummingbird which makes its home in South America. Look below to see how wingbeat speed compares to wingspans. Do you notice any trend?

Mouse over a hummingbird to see only its graph.

Sources: All About Birds

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Beat the Beats

Interactive July 15, 2014


  1. Gabriela Garcia-deras says:

    Amazing!!! The test is incredible!!!! Congratulations

  2. I can beat faster than a hummingbird, on my fourth try I got 59.4, wouldn’t want to do it all day!

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  5. marie says:

    Wow! 8.4 beats for me. Now I understand better the speed of the beat of the hummingbird, this is awesome

  6. Derek Yoder says:

    I believe there is a bug that adds previous beats to subsequent tries.

    • Kevin Ripka says:

      Have you seen this? Which browser or device? I can’t duplicate.

      • Derek Yoder says:

        Yes, and I’m guessing it’s what Pierre refers to in his comment above.

        I’m running Google Chrome 36…. on Windows 8.

        On my first attempt, I can go about 7 Hz. Each additional time (without reloading the page) increases the frequency by about 7 Hz.

  7. Juan Carlos López says:

    Excelente! Gracias por compartir! Saludos desde Tlaxcala, México.

  8. Janie Swift says:

    I believe hummers flap their wings front to back, not up and down. Now, try that!

  9. Darcy S says:

    Using my finger on Android smartphone & tablet, my highest was 51.8. No BS. As soon as ‘go’ comes on screen, started poking screen with finger as fast as I could. Doubt I could do this with a mouse though.

  10. There is NO WAY anyone (person) can do 59.4 BPM i got 7.4 but i could not do it very long that’s for sure… Love this kind of stuff! Thanks for providing it! Fun Stuff… These little birds are such an amazing little creature! God is so cool!

  11. tanya says:

    WOW! How did I get 260.4? I did try many times…my arms going ti hurt tomorrow.

  12. Adam says:

    Awesome post! I always wondered how fast does hummingbird flap their wings.

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